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Norah Gaughan has designed a beautiful collection of cabled garments and accessories heavily influenced by a foggy maritime story of the sea, washed up ropes, and a quiet landscape. With these themes in mind, the pieces were knit with braided and twisting forms, in a beautiful palette of neutrals.


Pattern Corrections

Standing, p. 38 

Correction in bold.

With smaller needles, cast on 98(106-116-128-138-146-160) sts. Beg with row 1 (ws), work in k1/p1 rib for 3", ending with a rs row.

-posted 12/9/14


Divide for Sleeves and Body: right and left sleeves are reversed. (Does not affect the actual knitting, but they are mislabeled in the instructions.)

- posted 10/9/18


Corrections in bold.

pattern stitch (workied back and forth)

Row 14 - p6, k3, * RT (ws), k3; rep from * 4 times more, end p6.

Row 26 - p6, k3, * RT (ws), k3; rep from * 4 times more, end p6.


front - divide for sleeves

next (dec) rnd - [k2, k2tog, work to 4 sts before marker, ssk, k2] twice.

-posted 12/9/14


Cuff – with straight needles pick up and knit 48 sts along the straight edge between the stitch holders. Work on k1/p1 rib for 4½”. Bind of in rib. Rep for 2nd sleeve. Graft the sts from the holders for back and front sleeves. Sew the cuff seams.

Materials should also include size 8 straight needles.

-posted 1/29/16

Switch to pattern stitch worked back and forth, work 4 rows even.

-posted 10/17022

Halyard, p. 19 (booklet version ONLY; single PDF has been updated.)

There is an error in Row 11 of the chart. There should be a symbol for "sl 3 sts to cn and hold in back, k3, k3 from cn" over the center 6 sts of the chart. 

- posted 3/21/17

Flaherty, p35

Correction in bold.

25 sts and 27 rows in k1/p1 rib using smaller needles 

-posted 1/6/15

next (inc) row (rs) - k1, m1, work to last st, m1, k1.

-posted 9/17/15