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Four basic garment structures form the foundation for a collection of experimental sweater variations worked in both clear, modern brights and dusky neutral shades.

Pattern Corrections

Correction in bold (applies to booklet version only; single PDF is correct):

Apropos Materials:
Straight knitting needles size 7 (4,5mm) or size to obtain gauge (size 5 is not needed)

Corrections shown in bold and apply to the booklet version only, not the single PDF version:

Akin, page 28
Error in marker placement, should read:
Place markers for shaping - k26(30-32-36-38-42-44), pm, k48(52-56-60-64-68-72), pm k26(30-32-36-38-42-44), place a different type of marker for the side seam

- posted 10/11/13

Correction in bold; applies to booklet version only:



next (dec) row (rs) - k3, k2tog, work to last 5 sts, ssk, k3.

-posted 12/30/13


Corrections shown in Bold and apply only to the booklet version, not the single PDF.

Twin, page 24

Rep rows 5-8, 5 times more – 32 sts – piece should measure approx. 12½”. Delete ‘place marker’.
Rep rows 5-6 until piece measures 37½(41½-45½-49½-53½-57½-61½)” from beg.

—posted 6/19/12