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Inspired by the colors, patterns and textiles of the South West, Indigo is a collection of casual garments and accessories that are both rustic and sophisticated.


Pattern Corrections

Prickly Poppy, p.18 (booklet only; PDF has been corrected)

Correction shown in bold.

...end on WS, inc 0(0-0-0-0-0-1) st each end of last row - 94(106-118-130-138-150-164) sts.

-posted 3/3/15

Chart A:
Rows 25 and 27: the stitch before the yarn over should be SSP (not purl as pictured)

Chart B:
Rows 25 and 27: the stitch after the yarn over should be p2tog (not purl as pictured)

-posted 3/11/15

Chart Key:
k2tog should be SSP
SSK should be p2tog

- posted 2/2/16