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Pattern Corrections

Corrections shown in Bold

Cormorant, page 16

Edging: With rs facing, using circular needle and MC, beg at lower right front edge, pick up and k37(37-40-42-42-45) sts along right front edge, 40(40-43-47-47-48) sts along right front neck edge, 30 sts along edge of neck extensions, 45 sts along left neck edge, pm, 51(59-62-67-69-73) sts along curved left front edge, 2(8-15-18-22-28) sts along lower left front edge, 75(85-95-105-115-125) sts along lower back edge, then 52(58-62-68-72-78) sts along lower right front edge – 332(362-392-422-442-472) sts.

1 (ws) – K1, m1k, k to last st, m1k, k1.

2 (buttonhole) – K to beg of neck shaping on left front, bind off 2 sts, k to end.

3 (ws) – K1, m1k, k to last st, m1k, k1; casting on 2 sts over sts bound of previous row.

4 – Knit.

5 – Rep Row 1 – 338(368-398-428-448-478) sts.

Next row: (rs) Bind off to marker. 186(213-237-261-281-307) sts. Change to CC and continue with Ruffle.

Sew the beginning and end of the garter edging together.
—posted 7/6/09

Corrections shown in Bold

Anhinga, page 17

Center front

With ws facing, using straight needles, pick up and k65(65-67-67-69-69) sts along right front edge. Beg with a k row, work even in st st for 5” end on ws.

—posted 7/15/09

Curie, p. 26

Corrections are in bold.

How to Use Chart 2
Work Rows 1-20 once, then rep Rows 11-20 for pat st. 

Dec Row (rs) - K1, k2tog, work to last 3 sts, ssk, k1.

- posted 9/22/15

Corrections in Bold.

Goodall, page 27

Back 2 (ws) – P2, (k2, p2) 7(8-9-10-11-12) times, work Row 2 of chart B to next marker, (p2, k2) 7(8-9-10-11-12) times, p2. Work even in pat as established until piece measures approximately 2” from beg, end on rs with Row 7 of chart B. Change to larger needles.

Key Correction for Chart A & C

—posted 7/17/09

Corrections in Bold.

Heron, page 18

All peplums – Continue to inc in this manner, working 1 more st at beg of rows and between incs each time.

—posted 10/28/09


Collar – Work even in rib as established until collar measures 3” above last cast on. Bind off loosely in rib.

—posted 9/1/09

Corrections in Bold.

Hypatia, page 33


AT THE SAME TIME, when row 16 of chart has been completed, end on ws.
Set up k2/p2 rib (rs): (K2, p2) 4(5-7-8-9-11) times, work Row 17 of chart to next marker, (p2, k2) 4(5-7-8-9-11) times.


Dec row 1 (rs) – K2, sssk, work to last 5 sts, k3 tog, k2. Rep dec row 1 every rs row 2(3-4-5-7-9) times more, end on ws.
Dec row 2 (rs) – K2, ssk, work to last 4 sts, k2 tog, k2. Rep dec row 2 every rs row 4(8-8-12-12-14) times more – 68(68-76-76-76-76) sts.

—posted 10/13/09