Unique summer sweaters from Norah Gaughan. Flower Child: 6 flowing garments inspired by the romantic realm of a mythic hippie. Excess: Norah's love of surface design shines in these 6 sweaters where excess fabric is folded, tucked, ruched and pleated.

Pattern Corrections

Corrections shown in Bold

Flower Child, page 17


section D

Continue incs at each end as est for back, until there are 59(63-65-69-73-77) sts. P 1 row.

Divide for neck extentions (rs): K2, m1, work to last 18 sts, place 42(46-48-52-56-60) sts just worked to a holder, k16, m1, k2. Turn, p19.

1 and 3 (rs) – K1, k2tog, k14, m1, k2. P ws rows.

5 (rs) – K1, k2tog, k to last 3 sts, ssk, k1.

6 (ws) – P1, p2tog –b, p to end. Rep rows 5-6 until 2 sts rem. Bind off.

Slip 42(46-48-52-56-60) from holder back to needle with ws facing. Continue to inc at the beg of rs rows 10(12-14-16-18-18) sts more AND AT THE SAME TIME, bind off at beg of ws rows 0(0-4-2-2-4) sts 0(0-1-3-3-1) time(s), then 3 sts 12(14-14-14-16-18) times.

Next (rs) row – K1, k2tog, work to end. Continue to bind off at beg of ws rows 3 sts 4(4-4-5-5-5) times more and rep dec at beg of rs rows 3(3-3-4-4-4) times more – no sts rem.

—posted 2/9/09

Corrections shown in Bold

Peace, page 23

Left front: Shape armhole (rs): Bind off at beg of rs rows, 3 sts 1(1-1-1-2-2-3) time(s), then 2 sts 1(1-1-2-2-2-2) time(s).

Dec row (rs): K3, k2tog, work in pats to end. Rep dec row every rs row 4(8-11-11-11-14-14) times more – 38(40-42-45-48-50-53) sts

—posted 4/22/11