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Comfort for Baby is a collection of playful blankets, toys, garments and accessories for your sweet little boy or girl.


Pattern Corrections

Cecelia, p. 15

Correction is in bold and applies to booklet only; individual PDF pattern has been corrected.

Chart Key
Double yo - on the next row, drop the extra yo and knit the single yo

- posted 4/23/15

Jasmine, p. 10

Corrections in bold.

Lace pattern
Rows 8 and 10: * K1, p9, k1, rep from * across.

- posted 4/29/15

Leslie, booklet p. 14

Dec Row (RS): Knit to first marker, sl marker, *k to 3 sts before next marker, SSK, k1, sl marker, k1, k2tog, rep from * 3 times more, k to end - 8 sts dec'd.

Shape Front Neck: Next Row (RS): Bind off 8 sts, work dec row to last marker, k to end - 82(96-86-100-94) sts.

Following Row: Bind off 8 sts, p to end - 74(88-78-92-86) sts.

- posted 4/30/15, amended 8/28/17