Have it both ways! Whichever your craft, knit or crochet a casual but sophistcated summer basic. All patterns feature Origami, the cool, colorful cotton blend with multiple shades in every colorway.

Pattern Corrections

Corrections are in bold.

Ipanema, page 12

Pattern stitch
Row 4: Dc in next dc, ch 5, skip 4 dc’s, sc in next dc, ch 5, skip 4 dc’s, dc in last dc.

—posted 5/20/11

Corrections are in bold.

Salvador, page 10
Left Front: after est Pat St, Work even in pat as established until piece measures approximately 5½(6-6½-7-7½-8)” from beg, end on WS with Row 5 of Pat St.

—posted 7/13/11