Rustic tweed sweaters get an update with textured, city-friendly silhouettes.

Pattern Corrections

Corrections shown in bold

Napoleon, page 17

Make tucks (WS): With tip of RH needle, pick up loop below knit st 3 rows down, place on LH needle and k this loop and the next st tog

—posted 10/13/09

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Nectarine, page 8

Sleeve cuff

—posted 10/28/09

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Noyaux, page 14

Pattern St

Row 5 - k1, * k2, yo, k2, p1, p3 tog , p1, k2,yo , k3; rep from * .

—posted 9/11/09

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Nuss, page 13

Left Front

After working Dec Row 2 (RS) and working until piece measures 12(12-12-12 ½-13-13)” from beg, end on RS.

Next Row (WS) should read: Work 7 sts in pat as established, p to end, dec 2(inc 2-inc 3-inc 4-inc 4-inc 8) across – 41(45-50-55-60-64) sts.

—posted 9/16/10

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Nutmeg , page 10

Row 8: K2, * p1, k2, rep from * across.

--posted 2/1/13