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Women’s Clothing
Amanda Keep Williams


The bottom edges of this oversized stockinette pullover are trimmed with a simple lace stitch.

Shown in size Small



Directions are for women's size X-Small.  Changes for sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X and 2X are in parentheses


Finished Measurements

Bust - 40(44-48-52-56-60)"

Length – 21½(22-23-23½ -24½ -25)"

Note:  This garment was designed with an oversized fit.  Please take this into consideration when selecting your size.



7(7-8-9-10-11) Hanks Berroco Lindsey (50 grs), #6550 Blonde

Straight knitting needles, size 7 (4.50 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE



20 sts = 4"; 26 rows = 4" in St st

13 sts = 4"; 24 rows = 4" in Lace Pat



Lace Pattern (Multiple of 4 sts)

Row 1 (RS):  K4, * yo twice, k4, rep from * across

Row 2:  P2, * p2 tog, p1, k1, p2 tog, rep from * to last 2 sts, end p2.

Row 3:  K2, yo, * k4, yo twice, rep from * to last 6 sts, end k4, yo, k2.

Row 4:  P3, * p2 tog twice, p1, k1, rep from * to last 7 sts, end p2 tog twice, p3.

Rep these 4 rows for Lace Pat.



Cast on 64(72-80-84-92-100) sts.  Work even in Lace Pat for 4", end on WS.  K the next row, inc 36(38-40-46-48-50) sts as evenly spaced across as possible - 100(110-120-130-140-150) sts. Knit 1 row on WS.  Work even in St st until piece measures 13(13-13½-13½-14-14)" from beg, end on WS.  Mark beg and end of last row for beg of armholes.  Work even until armholes measure 6(6½ -7-7½-8-8½)", end on WS.

Shape Shoulders:  Bind off 6(7-8-9-10-11) sts at beg of the next 10 rows.  Bind off remaining 40 sts for back neck.



Work same as back until armholes measure 2½(3-3½-4-4½-5)", end on WS - 100(110-120-130-140-150) sts.

Shape Neck:  Next Row (RS):  K40(45-50-55-60-65), join another hank of yarn and bind off center 20 sts, k to end.  Working both sides at once, purl one row.

Dec Row (RS):  With first hank, k to 5 sts before neck, SSK, k3; with second hank, k3, k2 tog, k to end.  Dec 1 st at each neck edge in this manner every RS row 9 times more - 30(35-40-45-50-55) sts each side.  When armholes measure 6(6½-7-7½-8-8½)", shape shoulders same as back.  Sew shoulder seams.



With RS facing, pick up and k60(66-70-76-80-86) sts along armhole edge between markers.  Beg with a p row, work even in St st for 1", end on WS

Dec Row (RS):  K2, k2 tog, k to  last 4 sts, SSK, k2 - 58(64-68-74-78-84) sts.  Rep this dec every 1" 4 times more - 50(56-60-66-70-76) sts.  Work even until sleeve measures 7", end on WS.  Bind off.



Sew side and sleeve seams, leaving edges of lace sections open at each side.