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Women’s Clothing
Amanda Keep Williams

Our Sawtelle Adult cardigan is made entirely of knit sts and the only seaming is at the shoulders. It's the grown up version of our popular Sawtelle, for girls.

Shown in size Small


Directions are for women’s size X-Small.  Changes for sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X and 2X are in parentheses

Finished Measurements

Chest (closed) – 32(36-40-44-48-52)”

Length – 21½(22-23-23½-24½-25)”


4(5-5-6-7-8) Balls Berroco Remix (100 grs), #3967 Bittersweet (MC) and

1 ball #3984 Ocean (CC)

Two 24” length circular knitting needles, size 8 (5.00 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

2 St holders

1 St marker

Three 1” buttons


17 sts = 4”; 32 rows = 4” in Garter St

17 sts = 4”; 23 rnds = 4” in St st



Body of this garment is worked in one piece to the underarm, then divided for back and fronts.  Shoulder seams are then sewn and sleeves are picked up and worked down in the round on 2 circular needles.


With one circular needle, using CC, cast on 150(166-184-200-218-234) sts.  DO NOT join.  Work back and forth in Garter St for 3”.  Mark next row for RS of work.  Change to MC and work even in Garter St until piece measures 13½(13½-14-14-14½-14½)” from beg, end on WS.

Divide for Armholes:  Next Row (RS):  K32(34-36-38-41-43), bind off 18(22-26-30-34-38) sts, k until there are 50(54-60-64-68-72) sts on RH needle after bound-off sts, bind off 18(22-26-30-34-38) sts, k to end.

Left Front:  K32(34-36-38-41-43), slip next 50(54-60-64-68-72) sts onto holder for back, sl remaining 32(34-36-38-41-43) sts onto another holder for right front.

Work even until armhole measures 5½(6-6½-7-7½-8)”, end on RS.

Shape Neck:  Next Row (WS):  Bind off 16(16-15-15-16-16) sts, k to end – 16(18-21-23-25-27) sts.

Dec Row (RS):  K to last 3 sts, k2 tog, k1 – 15(17-20-22-24-26) sts.  Rep this dec every RS row 3 times more – 12(14-17-19-21-23) sts.  Work even until armhole measures 8(8½-9-9½-10-10½)”, end on WS.  Bind off.  Mark placement of 3 buttons on front edge, the first 1” up from beg of armhole, the last ½" below beg of neck shaping and the other evenly spaced between.

Back:  With WS facing, join MC in first st on second holder.  Using circular needle, k50(54-60-64-68-72).  Work even until armholes measure 7½(8-8½-9-9½-10)”, end on WS.

Shape Neck:  Next Row (RS):  K12(14-17-19-21-23), join another ball of MC and bind off center 26 sts, k to end.  Working both sides at once, work even until armholes measure 8(8½-9-9½-10-10½)”, end on RS.  Bind off.

Right Front:  With WS facing, join MC in first st on remaining holder.  Using circular needle, k32(34-36-38-41-43).  Work even until armhole measures 1”, end on WS.

Buttonhole Row (RS):  K3, k2 tog, yo, k to end.  Complete to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and making 2 more buttonholes opposite markers on left front.  Bind off for neck on RS row.  Work neck decs at beg of RS rows as k1, SSK.  Sew shoulder seams.


With RS facing, using one circular needle and MC, beg at center point of 18(22-26-30-34-38) bound-off sts at underarm, pick up and k34(36-38-40-42-44) sts to shoulder seam, using second circular needle, pick up and k34(36-38-40-42-44) sts to beg – 68(72-76-80-84-88) sts.  Mark for beg of rnd and carry marker up.  Work even in St st (k EVERY rnd) by knitting all the sts on first circular needle, then all the sts on second circular needle until sleeve measures 2” from beg.  Note:  Make sure when you start to knit each section that you pick up the other end of that needle to start knitting.  If you pick up the end of the other needle, you will wind up with all the sts on one needle and will have to divide them onto 2 needles again.

Dec Rnd:  K1, SSK, k to 3 sts before marker, k2 tog, k1 – 66(70-74-78-82-86) sts.  Rep this dec every ¾" 16(18-19-21-22-24) times more – 34(34-36-36-38-38) sts.  Work even until sleeve measures 20½” from beg.  Change to CC and work even until sleeve measures 21” from beg.  Bind off.


Collar:  With RS facing, using one circular needle and MC, beg at right front edge, pick up and k32 sts along right front neck edge, 28 sts across back neck edge, then 32 sts along left front neck edge – 92 sts.  Work even in Garter St for 5”, end on WS.  Bind off.  Sew on buttons.