Berroco Portfolio is a collaboration between the Berroco Design Team and a few of our favorite independent designers. Portfolio vol.1 celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca yarn line, inviting designers to work with their choice of the four weights to create innovative and timeless wardrobe pieces. 

Book available at your local yarn shop or online retailer.

Pattern Corrections

Nest, p. 47 (booklet version ONLY; all corrections have been made on PDF version)

Yarn quantity: requires 3 hanks

Garter Tab Cast On: Using provisional cast-on, cast on 3 sts Knit 6 rows.

Chart A
Row 13 - last stitch in chart row should be a yo instead of a knit, so that chart row end Sl 1, k1, psso, k1, yo.
Row 37 - ^ symbol missing in center of first three "leaves" - should appear directly below ^ symbols on Row 39.

Chart B
Row 79 - ^ symbol missing in 2nd to last "leaf" - should appear directly below ^ symbols on Row 81.

- posted 7/9/15, amended 9/8/15 & 10/26/15


Rustling Leaves, p. 66 (book version only; single PDF version has been corrected.)

Correction in bold.

Shape Shoulders: Dec Rnd: * Work to 1 st before first marker...
[Asterisk was missing at beg of rnd.]

- posted 10/26/15

Rye, p. 55 (book version only; single PDF version has been corrected)

Collar: omitted instruction to switch to smaller 16" circular needle before beginning Collar.

-posted 10/26/15

Mrs. Watson, p. 56 (book version ONLY - PDF has been corrected)

Corrections shown in bold.

Stitch Glossary
Delete entire "Pick up wraps" paragraph. Do not pick up wraps when you come to wrapped sts. 

Also delete the Note about picking up wraps that precedes Leaf Pattern 1.

Set-up Rows: 
Row 3: Kfb, k1, p1 and mark this st with removable marker or safety pin (this is the center st), k1, kfb - 7 sts.

- posted 6/30/15, amended 2/1/17

Chaparral, p. 65 in book

Correction in bold.

With RS facing, using larger dpns...

- posted 3/4/16