We designed six new pieces with our delightfully soft two-ply cotton, Pima Soft. Perfect for everything that goes next to skin like cardigans and pullovers.

Book available at your local yarn shop or online retailer.

Pattern Corrections


The last part of the Sleeve Band instruction should read 'then pickup and knit (4, 3, 4) [5, 6, 7, 8] {8, 10, 9} sts across remaining underarm stitches—(62, 64, 64) [68, 72, 76, 78] {80, 86, 90} sts.

Posted 4/4/24, PDF pattern correction in progress.

Basse Taille, p. 49-50 in printed book ONLY (PDF versions have been updated):

Charts were updated to show that on WS rows, all stitches that are not slipped should be knitted (not purled); i.e. worked in garter stitch.

- posed 4/12/22