We designed six new pieces with our colorful new wool cotton yarn Spree. Classic silhouettes give Spree a perfect canvas to allow its space dyed effect to shine.

Book available at your local yarn shop or online retailer.

Pattern Corrections

Culet, p. 49 in printed book ONLY (PDF versions have been corrected):

Hem Chart, Rounds 1-4, the SSK should be 1 st to the left at the beginning of these rounds.

- posted 11/2/22


Right back: Row 2 (RS): K3, yo, knit to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2.

Left back: Row 2 (RS): K2, SSK, knit to last 3 sts, yo, k3.

Left front: Row 3 (RS): Bind off 2 sts, k1 (2 sts on RH needle), yo, knit to 4 sts before the end of the row, k2tog, k2.

Row 5 (RS): Bind off 2 sts, knit to end. Rep Rows 2–5 five times more, then work rows 2 and 3 once more—80 sts. Work 2 rows even in St st, end on RS.

-posted 4/11/22