Classic knits for men and women abound in Booklet #400 Berroco Mercado. This 100% Peruvian highland wool yarn is knit at an Aran-weight gauge for fast, warm projects.

Booklet available at your local yarn shop or online retailer.

Pattern Corrections

Rosamond, p. 29 in printed booklet ONLY (PDF versions have been updated)

Right Side
Set-Up Row (WS): change "to last 39 sts" to "to last 36 sts."

- posted 9/10/18

Catherine, p. 24-25 in printed booklet ONLY (PDF versions have been updated)

Brim chart, Row 20, the color coding of the blue and green cables is reversed. (Where it shows blue, it should be green, and where it is green, it should be blue). 

- posted 9/10/18

Right Cable Dec: Slip 1 st to cn and hold in back on sts on LH needle, k2tog, using first stitch on cn and next stitch on LH, k1.

- posted 11/7/18

Brim: Work from Band Brim Chart.

-posted 9/29/21

Pilot (long version), p. 18 in printed booklet ONLY (PDF versions have been corrected)

Work even in pattern as established until 22 rows of Long Cowl Chart have been completed a total of 16 times. Work Rows 1-6 of Long Cowl Chart once more, end on WS. Bind off in pattern.

- posted 10/1/18

Morton, print booklet version only (PDF versions have been corrected):

Chart Rows 1 and 2 should have a purl symbol on stitch #9.

- posted 10/19/18