The first patterns for this new, lightweight version of Berroco Remix® capture the rustic yet feminine qualities of this recycled yarn. The garment silhouettes flatter every shape, thanks to the blend of plant and synthetic fibers, and shine with simple lace or texture for wearable knitting patterns. 

Booklet available at your local yarn shop or online retailer.

Pattern Corrections

Derecho, p. 11 in booklet ONLY (single PDF has been corrected):

Corrections in bold:

This garment was designed with approximately 1-4" of ease.

On the round where you place raglan markers, and on the round to divide body and sleeves, left and right sleeves are reversed. (You will come to the right sleeve stitches first, followed by the front and the left sleeve.)

Oroshi, p. 8 in booklet ONLY (single PDF pattern has been corrected.)

Correction in bold:

Chart Notes:

Chart 1: Work Rows 1-20 once, then work Rows 11-20 five more times, adding once additional horizontal pattern rep for each vertical rep.

- posted 4/25/17