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Modern Cotton is a collection of classic garment shapes made fresh and modern with sweet lace and textured stitch patterns.


Pattern Corrections

Thayer Chart Key:

SSK symbol should be "SSK on RS, SSP on WS"

K2tog symbol should be "k2tog on RS, p2tog on WS"

- posted 10/12/17

Tess, p. 13 (booklet only; PDF version has been updated)

Corrections in bold

Left Sleeve

Work same as right sleeve until sleeves measures...

- posted 10/26/15

Eula, p. 12 in booklet; single PDF version has been updated.

Corrections are in bold.

Front, Left Side:
When all incs and decs have been completed, work even on 30(35-40-45-50-55-60) sts if necessary until sleeves measures...

- posted 3/19/15

Back, Short rows:

Row 6 (WS):  Sl 1, p47(57-67-77-87-97-107), w&t.  Working all the way across, knit the next row, each time you come to a wrapped st, lift the wrap back over wrapped st onto LH needle and knit wrap tog with its accompanying st.  Knit 5 rows more (3 ridges), picking up wraps on next row as you did before, end on WS.

- posted 2/2/16

Jo, page 11 in booklet. Correction has been made to PDF version.

Corrections in bold.


For ALL charts, work Rows 1-12 once, then repeat Rows 3-12 for pattern.