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Pattern Corrections

3. Morinda, p 9

Corrections shown in bold.

Left Front, Shape Armhole section:
Dec Row (RS): K1, k2tog, k to marker, p to end - 39(43-46-51-54-59) sts.

Right Front, Shape Armhole section:
Dec Row (RS): P to marker, k to last 3 sts, end SSK, k1 - 39(43-46-51-54-59) sts.

-posted 9/5/14

Torrey, p. 10-11


The ribbing pattern for this cowl is a Brioche ribbing. Every two rows worked actually produces only one row of ribbing. Therefore, each of the row counts listed actually represent the number of repeats of Row 2 and 3 of ribbing pattern. If you count the number of rows on your knitting (instead of the number of rows you have worked), that should match the row counts listed in the pattern.

Correction to Cable Row (correction is in bold):
Cable Row (RS): Cable Row (RS): K1, bring yarn forward under and around needle, k yo and slipped st tog as one, * bring yarn forward under needle and sl the next st, bringing yarn over needle, k yo and slipped st tog as one, rep from * 9 times more, CB17.

- posted 1/28/15