Clean, simple shapes lend a modern edge to a polished collection of garments worked in an innovative wool blend.

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Pattern Corrections

Corrections are in bold.

Pegasi, page 10

Bottom line on schematic – missing bust numbers are - 18(20-22-24-26-28)”

—posted 8/13/12

Corrections are in bold.

Scorpio, page 11


Next Row (RS): K2 tog, work in ribbing as established to 1 st before marker, sl next st, drop marker, sl same st back to LH needle, replace marker, k2 tog, k5, p1, k2 - 105(113-121-125-133-137) sts. Rep row 2 and Next Row 5 times more - 95(103-111-115-123-127) sts. Work even in pat as established until piece measures 4" from beg, end on RS. Change to straight needles.

Dec Row (WS): Sl 2 WYIF, k1, p2, k2, p2, sl marker, p to end, dec 19(25-26-25-29-28) sts as evenly spaced as possible across -76 (78-85-90-94-99) sts.

-- posted 2/4/13