A yarn with a hint of shine lends elegance to graceful silhouettes full of feminine details like lace stitching and curved hemlines.

Pattern Corrections

Corrections are in bold.

Frascati, page 11 

Right Front: Cast on and knit 2 rows.

—posted 9/10/12

Corrections are in bold.

Giulia, page 11

Pattern Stitch
Row 2 (WS): With size 11 needle, purl tbl.

—posted 3/7/11

Corrections are in bold.

Romana, page 8

Back Pattern Stitch

Row 11 (WS): * K2, yo, k2 tog, rep from * across
Row 14 (RS):
 Knit. Beg with a p row, work even in St st for 5(7-11-15-17-21) rows, end on WS. Rep from + 4 times more, then rep Rows 8 – 14 once more, end on RS. 
AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st each side every 3” 3 times.

Work in Back Pattern until pat has been completed, end on RS – 74(82-94-102-110-118) sts. 

Lower Section(Half Circle)
Next Row(WS): K3, yo, k2tog, * K2, yo, k2tog, rep from * to last 0(0-0-1-1-1) st, end k1. Purl 1 row, knit 1 row.

—posted 1/12/12

Sleeves: Change to straight needles and k the next row, dec 8 sts across – 42 sts. Work rows 8 – 14 of Back Pat St once then change to St St.

—posted 2/8/12

Left Front: Last line before Lower Section –

Bind off 5(5-6-8-8-9) sts at armhole once, then 5(6-7-7-8-9) sts twice for shoulder.

—posted 8/13/12