Adorable and hard-wearing children's garments knit with charming shades of our self-striping sock yarn.

Pattern Corrections

Corrections are in bold.

Krems, page 11

Front –

Dividing Row (RS):  Using colors as established, k to 2nd marker, drop marker, k3 with color just being used, sl remaining 41(43-45-46-48-50) sts to holder for right side – 47(49-51-52-54-56) sts.

Left Side:  Row 1 (WS):  Using colors as established, k1, p to end.

Row 2: Knit, using colors as established.  Work even, changing colors same as back, until piece measures 1(1-1¼-1¼-1½-1¾)” above Dividing Row, end on WS.

Buttonhole Row (RS):  K to 5 sts from end, bind off 2 sts, k to end.

Next Row:  K1, p2, cast on 2 sts, p to end.  Work even, changing colors same as back until piece measures 2(2-2½-2½-3-3½)” above Dividing Row, end on WS.  Make one more buttonhole.  Work even until piece measures 13(13½-14½-15-16-17)” from beg, end on RS.

Shape Neck:  Next Row (WS):  Bind off 15(15-15-17-17-17) sts, p to end – 31(33-35-34-36-38) sts.  Continuing to work with colors as established, bind off 3 sts at neck edge once, 2 sts once, then dec 1 st twice – 25(27-29-28-30-32) sts.  Work even until piece measures 15(15½-16½-17-18-19)” from beg, end on WS.  Bind off.

Right Front:  With RS facing, sl 41(43-45-46-48-50) sts from holder to larger needle.  Join D and cast on 6 sts, k to end using colors as established – 47(49-51-52-54-56) sts. 

—posted 3/7/11

Corrections are in bold.

Stowasser, page 15

Tights: Short Rows: Rows 3 & 5 are knit not purl

—posted 4/11/11