Striated fabric with a lightweight hand is the centerpiece of these breezy summer basics.


Pattern Corrections

Corrections shown in bold

Ankara, page 12


With straight needles, cast on 45 sts. Work even in St st for 1”, end on WS. Inc 1 st each side of next row, then every 1¼(1-¾-¾-½)” 7(9-12-14-17) times – 61(65-71-75-81) sts. Work even until sleeve measures 13” from beg, end on WS.

Note: Due to the shaping of cap (see schematic), decs are worked at each edge differently from each other. You must keep track of each edge separately. Please read through this entire section before starting to knit.

Shape Raglan Cap: For sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large ONLY: Dec Row 1 (RS): K3, k2 tog, k to last 6 sts, sl 1, k2 tog, psso, k3 – 62(68-72-78) sts. Rep this dec every RS row 1(4-4-5) times more, end on WS – 59(56-60-63) sts.

For ALL sizes: Dec Row 2 (RS): K3, k2 tog, k to last 5 sts, SSK, k3 – 59(57-54-58-61) sts. Working decs in this manner, continue to dec 1 st at beg of RS rows every RS row 17(19-20-24-27) times more, then every 4th row 6(4-3-1-0) times. AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st at end of RS rows every RS row 23(21-18-20-21) times more. When all decs at end of RS rows have been completed, continue to work decs at beg of RS rows. AT THE SAME TIME, bind off 3 sts at beg of the next 3 WS rows, then 2 sts at beg of the next 2 WS rows.

—posted 2/18/09

Corrections shown in bold

Arzote, page 10 [booklet version only]


Sew shoulder seams.

Neckband: With RS facing, using circular needle, beg at left shoulder seam, pick up and k50(50-52-54-54-56) sts along left front neck edge, place marker, k1 st from holder, place marker, pick up and k50(50-52-54-54-56) sts along right front neck edge, then 39 sts across back neck edge – 140(140-144-148-148-152) sts. Mark for beg of rnd with different colored marker and carry all markers up.

Rnd 1: * K1TBL, p1TBL, rep from * to 2 sts before 1st marker, SSK TBL, sl marker, k1, sl marker, k2 tog TBL, p1TBL, ** k1TBL, p1TBL, rep from ** to end – 138(138-142-146-146-150) sts. Rep this rnd until neckband measures 1”. Bind off in ribbing. Sew pocket to front with bound-off edge of pocket even with sts bound-off at armhole and right edge of pocket (as it faces you) 2(3-3-4-4-5)” in from right front edge (as it faces you). Sew in sleeves. Sew side and sleeve seams.

—posted 2/17/09