Touches of lace and simple shapes like an empire surplice wrap, a ballet neck pullover, a v-neck tunic, a short sleeved cardi and a raglan tee call for nothing more than bold neck pieces. All are knit in Bonsai, our bamboo ribbon yarn.


Pattern Corrections


While the original instructions for the front of Beaujolais are correct, some knitters may find the following wording easier to follow…

The numbers printed for the right front of Beaujolais are correct. Please make sure that you get both your st and row gauge to assure that your piece measures correctly.

After casting on, you will be decreasing on both edges at once. After the initial dec row, decs at the beg of RS rows should be done every 1 1/2" 6 times more. While you are working these decs, you should also dec at end of RS rows every 1" 5 times more, then every 3/4" 6 times. When all the decs are completed, work even until piece measures 12 1/2" from beg, end on WS. Bind off 14 sts at beg of the next RS row, then work even until piece measures 14 1/2" from berg, end on WS.

Work Inc Row which incs 1 st at the end of the next RS row. This is the side inc the same as on the back and left front. Purl 1 row. You then start your neck decs which are worked on the next row, every 4th row 0(2-0-0-0-0) times, every 6th row 13(12-10-12-7-11) times, then every 8th row 0(0-3-2-6-3) times. While you are working your neck decs, continue to rep the inc row at the end of RS rows every 3/4" 4 times more. The inc rows will be completed long before the dec rows. When all inc rows are completed, continue to work the neck decs. When the piece measures 18 1/2" from beg, end on RS. Shape the armhole the same as on the back while continuing to work the neck decs. When all armhole and neck decs have been completed, work until armhole measures 7(7 1/2-8-8 1/2-9-9)", end on RS. Bind off for shoulder.

Under finishing, the pattern should read: "Sew inner edge of band to neck edge matching markers and leaving 2" wide slit on right front edge as shown on schematic."


(Multiple of 16 + 3)
Rows 7, 9, and 11: (RS) K7, *SSK, yo, K1, yo, K2tog, K3, repeating from * across, end k4.

Brenda - booklet version only (PDF has been corrected.)

Omit Pattern Stitch completely. Work front same as for back.