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Use these mini sweaters as ornaments on your tree, gift toppers, or even make a garland! The possibilities are endless. 
We have been publishing Minutia since 2007 and have built quite a library of mini sweaters and accessories. Grab some stash yarn and get making!
Pattern Corrections: 

The following corrections were made to the original PDF; please download the corrected version (v2) above.


Snowbell Sweater:

Bobble Rnd 2: K2, bobble, k3, bobble, k1, sm, k1, [bobble, k3] 3 times, bobble, k1, sm, k1, bobble, k3, bobble, k1

Sleeves: Slip 12 sleeve stitches from waste yarn to dpns


Westie Sweater:


Rnd 3: * K2 with CC, K1 with MC, K1 with CC; rep from * around.


-posted 12/3/20