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Berroco Design Team


Outrageous loops are anchored with crochet stitches in a coordinating shade, creating an amazing accessory.

One size


Finished Measurements

Approximately 4” wide x 98” long (or desired length)



1 Hank Berroco Link (200 grs), #3272 Safari

1 Hank Berroco Vintage Colors (100 grs), #5218 Terra Cotta

Crochet hook, size 5.00 mm (H-8)

8” ruler or cardboard (we used an 8” wide book) for measuring loops



There are no gauge requirements for this project



You will be crocheting with Vintage Colors only, using Link as a carrying thread



Fold the end of Link back 2” and work 1 sc into this end with Vintage Colors.  Insert hook under strand of Link, yo with Vintage Colors, then complete another sc.  * Measure 8” of Link.  Insert hook into Link at this point and work 1 sc with Vintage Colors.  Insert hook under strand of Link and work 1 more sc with Vintage Colors.  This completes the first loop.  Rep from * until piece measures 98” from beg (or desired length).  Cut Link and fold end back 2”.  Work 1 sc through folded back end, then work 1 sc around ends.  Turn.  Work 1 sc in each sc to beg, working over folded back ends and anchoring them in place.  If desired, these ends may be sewn in place for added stability.