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Women’s Clothing
Norah Gaughan

Linear is a new slant on cardigan. With a cartridge rib shawl collar, the bias fronts drape or fasten with a brooch.




to fit bust size 34(38-42-46-50)”

Finished measurements

bust – 34(38-42-46-50)”

length – 22½(23-23½-24-24)”


Berroco Inca® Gold color 6403 – 12(13-15-17-18) 50 gr balls

Pattern Corrections: 

Corrections are in Bold

Linear, page 26

left Front

With smaller needles, cast on 54(58-66-70-78) sts.  Work in ribbing same as back for 2”, end on rs.  Change to larger needles and p the next row, dec 11(9-12-12-14) sts across – 43(49-54-58-64) sts.  Work in st st for 2 rows, end on ws.  Note:  As you work the short rows, when piece measures 3” from beg, dec at beg of next rs row as k3, k2 tog, work to end.  Rep this dec every 2¾” 4 times more.  Short rows (rs):  k3, wrap and turn, purl back.  Next row (rs) – k6(6-7-7-8), wrap and turn, purl back.  Continue short rows, knitting 3(3-4-4-5) sts more each row 6(11-4-8-5) times more, 2(2-3-3-4) sts more 7(2-7-3-3) times, 0(0-2-2-3) sts 0(0-2-2-3) times, then 0(0-0-0-2) sts 0(0-0-0-2) times, end on ws.  Next row (rs):  Knit across all sts.  Continuing to work decs at beg of rows, work in st st for 5 rows more, end on ws.  Shape neck (rs):  Work to last 5 sts, k2 tog, k3.  Rep this dec every rs row 14(14-12-8-10) times more, then every 4th row 9(10-12-15-14) times.  When all side decs have been completed and piece measures 15” from beg, shape armhole same as left armhole on back.  When all armhole and neck decs have been completed, work even on 7(7-9-12-14) sts until armhole measures 7½(8-8½-9-9)”, end on ws.  Bind off.

right front

Work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping.  Work short rows on ws rows, purling instead of knitting.  When working wrapped sts, p each wrapped st and its wrap tog.  Work side decs at end of rs rows as ssk, k3.  Work neck decs at beg of rs rows as k3, ssk.  Shape armhole same as right armhole on back.