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Women’s Clothing
Berroco Design Team

Subtle stripes on this sporty top are uninterrupted thanks to a self-formed cap sleeve. The v-neckline is finished with simple ribbing.


Directions are for women’s size X-Small. Changes for sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X and 2X are in parentheses.

Shown in size small

Finished Measurements

Bust – 36(40-44-48-52-56)”

Length – 24(24-26-26-28-28)”

Note: This garment is designed with an oversized fit. Please take this into consideration when selecting your size.


5(5-5-6-6-7) Hanks Berroco Pure Pima (50 grs), #2253 Lilac (A) and 4(4-5-5-6-6) Hanks #2224 Beech (B)

Straight knitting needles, size 6 (4.00 mm) OR


24” Length circular knitting needle, size 4 (3.50 mm)


22 sts = 4”; 26 rows = 4” in St st on larger needles


Stripe Sequence

Working in St st, alternate 6 rows B, then 6 rows A. Rep these 12 rows for Stripe Sequence.


With straight needles, using B, cast on 100(110- 122-132-144-154) sts. Work even in St st, following Stripe Sequence for 22(22-24-24-26- 26)”, end on WS.

Shape Shoulders: Bind off 5(6-7-8-9-10) sts at beg of the next 6(8-8-10-10-12) rows, then 06(7-8-9-10-0) sts at beg of the next 6(4-4-2- 2-0) rows. Bind off remaining 34 sts for back neck.


Work same as back until piece measures 13(13- 15-15-17-17)” from beg, end on WS – 100(110- 122-132-144-154) sts.

Shape Neck: Next Row (RS): K50(55-61-66- 72-77), join another hank of color being used and k to end. From here, work both sides at once with separate hanks of yarn. Purl 1 row.

Dec Row (RS): With first hank, k47(52-58-63- 69-74), SSK, k1; with second hank, k1, k2 tog, k to end – 49(54-60-65-71-76) sts each side. Continue to dec 1 st at each neck edge in this manner every 4th row 13 times more, then every 2nd row 3 times – 33(38-44-49-55-60) sts each side. Work even until piece measures 22(22-24-24- 26-26)” from beg, end on WS with same row of Stripe Sequence as back.

Shape Shoulders: Bind off 5(6-7-8-9-10) sts at beg of the next 6(8-8-10-10-12) rows, then 6(7-8-9-10-0) sts at beg of the next 6(4-4-2-2-0) rows.0


Sew shoulder seams.

Neckband: With RS facing, using circular needle and A, beg at center front neck, pick up and k72 sts along right front neck edge, 38 sts across back neck edge, then 72 sts along left front neck edge –182 sts. DO NOT join.

Row 1 (WS): P2, * k2, p2, rep from * across.

Row 2: K2, * p2, k2, rep from * across. Rep these 2 rows until neckband measures 1½”, end on WS. Bind off in ribbing. Lap left end of neckband over right end as in photo and sew both ends in place. Measure down 7(7-7½-8- 8½-8½)” from shoulder seams on each side of back and front and mark for armholes. Sew side seams to markers.