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Berroco Design Team

Our felted needle case features an un-felted knitted cable in a contrasting color, an ingenious device to organize your needle collection in style.

Finished Measurements

Approximately 15” long x 20” wide (after felting)


4 Balls Berroco Ultra Alpaca (100 grs), #6238 Medium Orchid (MC) and 1 ball #6286 Verdigris Mix (CC)

Straight knitting needles, sizes 7 and 11 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Crochet hook, size 4.50 mm (G)

Cable needle (cn)

Tapestry needle

Two 1 1/4” buttons

Matching sewing thread and sewing needle


12 sts = 4” with 2 strands of yarn held tog on size 11 needles



With larger needles, using 2 strands of MC held tog, cast on 60 sts.

Row 1 (RS):  Knit.

Row 2:  K3, p to last 3 sts, k3.  Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 30” from beg, end on WS.  Bind off.

Note:  A large flat piece like this tends to get a lettucey ruffled edge when felted.  To keep side edges pulled in, thread a strand of yarn into tapestry needle and weave in and out along both side edges of body.  Pull strands gathering side edges in to ½ of their original length, anchoring strands every 5”.

Felt body in washing machine, using hot water, until it measures 15” wide x 20” long.  It may be necessary to put it through the cycle more than once.  Remove from washer and tug on sides until flat.  This will break the gathering strands, but that’s ok. It’s not going anywhere.

Cabled Bands (Make 2)

With smaller needles, using one strand of CC, cast on 16 sts.

Rows 1, 3 and 5 (RS):  Knit.

Row 2 and all WS rows:  K2, p to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 7:  k2, sl 6 sts to cn and hold in FRONT, k6, k6 from cn, k2.

Rows 9 and 11:  Knit.

Row 12:  Rep Row 2.

Rep these 12 rows until piece measures 20” (or length of felted body), end on WS.  Bind off. 


Pin cabled bands to felted body 3” apart with the outer edge of each band 3 1/2” in from edge of body.  Sew in place with sewing needle and thread.

Buttonloops (Make 2):  With crochet hook, join one strand of CC in one end of cabled band.  Chain for 3” (or long enough to fit around button), join to cabled band with a sl st.  Turn.  Work 25 sc’s into loop, join with a sl st in cabled band.  Fasten off.  Roll body loosely with cabled bands on inside (these will hold the needles).  Mark placement of buttons on outside of body opposite buttonloops.  Unroll and sew on buttons.