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Lina deMontigny

Hippodrome is a felted bag that has two folksy intarsia motifs. A horse and a goose gallop and swoop around this utilitarian satchel, which knits up quickly with minimal seaming.

One size

Finished Measurements

Approximately 19” across x 7” deep x 19” high (not including handles) before felting

Approximately 15” across x 6” deep x 12” high (not including handles) after felting


4 Hanks Berroco Peruvia (100 grs), #7147 Blue Nile (MC) and 1 hank each # 7110 Naranja (A) and #7119 Mostaza (B)

29” Length circular knitting needle, size 10 (6.00 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

4 St markers – one a different color for beg of rnd


17 sts = 4”;  22 rows = 4” in St st


Note 1

Bag is worked from the top down.

Note 2

When changing colors, hold yarn to the left and pick up new color from underneath.  This twists yarn so there are no holes.  Use a separate hank of yarn for each color section.  DO NOT carry yarn across.


Top Section:  With circular needle, using MC, cast on 220 sts.  DO NOT join.  Knit 10 rows.

Divide for handles:  Next Row (RS):  K15, bind off 50 sts, k until there are 60 sts on needle after bound-off sts, bind off 50 sts, k to end – 120 sts.

Following Row:  Knit, casting on 50 sts over each group of sts bound off on previous row – 220 sts.  Knit 9 rows, end on WS.  Beg with a p row, work 5 rows in St st, end on RS.

Next Row (WS):  P80, place marker, p30, place marker, p80, place marker, p30.

Establish Charts:  Row 1 (RS):  With MC, k to first marker, work Row 1 of Chart 1 to next marker, with MC, k to next marker, work Row 1 of Chart 2 to last marker, with MC, k to end.

Row 2:  With MC, p to first marker, work Row 2 of Chart 2 to next marker, with MC, p to next marker, work Row 2 of Chart 1 to next marker, with MC, p to end.  Work even in pat as established until Row 56 of both charts has been completed, end on WS.  Drop markers on last row.

Next Rnd:  With MC, knit, join and mark for beg of rnd with different colored marker.  Carry marker up.  Work even in St st (k EVERY rnd) with MC for 20 rnds.

Next Rnd:  K80, place marker, k30, place marker, k80, place marker, k to end – 4 markers on needle marking corners of bag bottom.

Bag Base:  Dec Rnd:  * K1, SSK, k to 2 sts before next marker, k2 tog, k1, rep from * 3 times more – 212 sts.  Rep this rnd 14 times more – 100 sts.  Bind off.


Sew side and bottom seams.

Ties (Make 4):  Cut four 2-foot long strands of each color.  Divide into 4 groups of 3 strands (1 of each color), tie ends tog and braid, knotting at end.  Sew one end of each braid to top edge of bag at outer edges of each handle.  Tie as in photo.  Felt bag in washing machine using hot water and soap.  It may be necessary to run through the cycles more than once.  When bag has reached desired size, remove from washer, shape by hand and allow to air dry.