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Women’s Clothing
Norah Gaughan

Eastlake is a pullover with wide u-neckline. Details include a wheat tassel insert, a yoke, and elbow length sleeves with eyelet and reverse stockinette ridges.




to fit bust size 32(34-38-42-46-50)”

Finished measurements

width at bust – 32(34-38-42-46-50)”

length – 23(23½-24½-25½-26½-27)”


Berroco Inca® Gold color 6448 – 9(9-11-13-15-16) 50 gr hanks

Pattern Corrections: 

Corrections shown in Bold

Eastlake, page 15
Leaf Pattern

17 - SSK, p6, k7, p6, k1TBL, yo, k2, yo, k1TBL, p6, k7, p6, k2 tog.
75 - SSK, p2, k1TBL, p2, k3, p2, M1k, k2, M1k, p2, k3, p2, k1TBL, p2, k2tog.
97 - SSK, k1TBL, p2, k1TBL, p1, yo, k2, yo, p1 k1TBL, p2, k1TBL, k2 tog – 16 sts.
99 - SSK, p2, k1TBL, p2, M1k, k2, M1k, p2, k1TBL, p2, k2tog – 16 sts.
101 - SSK, p1, k1TBL, p2, k1TBL, yo, k2, yo, k1TBL, p2, k1TBL,p1, k2 tog – 16 sts.
102 -Rep Row 2. Rep Rows 99-102 until piece measures length indicated in directions.

—posted 11/14/08

Front, page 16
With smaller straight needles, cast on 114(122-134-146-158-170) sts.  Establish Leaf Pat:  1 (rs) — (k2, p2) 4(4-5-6-7-8) times, k1, place marker, work row 1 of leaf pat over 34 sts, place marker, k1, p2, (k2, p2) 15(17-19-21-23-25) times.  2 – (k2, p2) 15(17-19-21-23-25) times, k2, p1, work row 2 of leaf pat to next marker, p1, (k2, p2) 4(4-5-6-7-8) times.  Work even in pat as established until piece measures 1” from beg, end on rs. Change to large needles.