A demonstration of working the purl stitch in the English style.

Hi, this is Amanda from Berroco and today I’ll be demonstrating the purl stitch worked in the English style. The yarn I’m using is Ultra Alpaca.

When working a purl stitch, you should always start with your yarn in the front of the work so it’s pointing towards you, rather than the back of the work, where it would be going away from you. Since I’ll be working the stitches in the English method, I’m holding the yarn in my right hand.

To work a stitch, you want to insert your right needle into the next loop on your left needle from back to front, through the front leg of the stitch. And then, I’m going to use my working yarn and wrap it around the right needle from the back to the front. And now I’m going to use my right needle to draw that loop through my old loop and towards the back. Now I can slide the old loop off. That’s one stitch purled.

Now I’ll do it again. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching.