The Berroco 123 DropShip is a program that allows you to place yarn and pattern orders with your LYS and Berroco will ship directly to your home.

*Please Note: We are only able to offer this program through our US-based LYS’s at this time.

How it works:

1) Locate one of our participating US Local Yarn Stores (LYS) HERE

2) Place an order with your US Local Yarn Store (LYS)!

They can confirm pricing and availability. You can order any of our beautiful Berroco yarns and pattern books—even brands not normally stocked at your LYS including West Yorkshire SpinnersAmano, WOOLADDICTS, Lang, and Lopi

3) Berroco will fill your order!
After we receive your order from your LYS, Berroco will DropShip from our warehouse in Rhode Island directly to your doorstep via US Post Office. Please note: All orders must be made through a LYS, not directly through Berroco.

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Berroco 123 DropShip Frequently Asked Questions:

What stores are selling (or participating) in your DropShip?
All Berroco LYS's can participate. While some LYS’s may be closed temporarily, many are open are willing to take your order.  Start by going to Berroco’s DropShip Store Locator and locate an LYS in your area. Each retailer listing includes all their contact information—phone, email and web site.

Can I order directly from Berroco?

No, only LYS can take orders. We do not and cannot receive orders at our warehouse. Find your closest LYS using our Store Locator.

Can I order any Berroco Yarn?
Yes! All our yarns and partner brands (West Yorkshire Spinners, Amano, WOOLADDICTS, Lang Yarns and Lopi) can be ordered through your LYS. Please contact your shop for details and pricing.

Where can I see Berroco’s full selection of yarns and patterns?
You can find our virtual catalog of yarns here.
Our cataloge of knitting patterns can be found here.

Where can I see the full selection of your partner brands yarns?
Please follow these links for our partner brands
Amano Yarns (view yarns under Collection)
Lang Yarns (Berroco carries most Lang Yarns, ask your LYS for what is available)
West Yorkshire Spinners

What if my yarn choice is unavailable at this time?
We will be continuously be updating our shops as to yarn availability. Please check in with them to see what we have.

Who should I contact for shipping/tracking information?
Please contact your LYS for shipping information. Currently we are shipping 1-2 business days from receiving orders at our warehouse.

What is your policy on returns of DropShips?
Returns are subject to a LYS's own policies. Please contact your LYS for more information.

Can you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes, we are shipping to all 50 US states using USPS.

Can you DropShip outside of US?
No, at this time we are only offering our DropShip to the US. We are working with our Canadian shops to see how best to serve them.

How is this helping my LYS?
This service is providing the brick and mortar LYS a way to make sales while staying closed in accordance with regulations from their Governors.